Welcome to the WW&F Railway Museum

Rebuilding Maine History

Maine’s Wiscasset, Waterville, and Farmington (WW&F) Railway was a two-foot “narrow” gauge common carrier railroad that operated from 1894 until 1933.  The line ran from Wiscasset in the south, to Albion and Winslow in the north, never making it to either Waterville or Farmington.  The Great Depression brought about the railroad’s scrapping in 1937.

The WW&F Railway Museum was founded in 1989 to restore and rebuild the original railroad.  Since then we’ve restored 2.6 miles of railroad, rebuilt an original WW&F steam locomotive, and restored several  railroad cars. Current projects include reboilering another steam locomotive and rebuilding a historic bridge.

Today you can climb aboard our train for a ride back in time.  Explore our facilities and shops to experience first hand the nearly-lost art of running and maintaining a steam powered narrow gauge railroad. Visit us to return to a simpler life from a century ago.

97 Cross Road
Sheepscot Station
Alna, ME 04535

See you on the narrow gauge!

Rebuilding Maine History