Track Car 51

WW&F Track Car #51. Photo courtesy of James Patten.

WW&F track car 51 was built in 1947 by Brookville Locomotive, for a Cape Cod cranberry harvester.  In later years the engine found its way to Paine Enterprise Marine Railway, of South Wellfleet, Mass.

Paine donated the locomotive, along with some panel track, to the Museum in 1994, in time for the Annual Picnic.  It became the Museum’s first piece of motive power.  As track was built, it became a faithful workhorse, hauling stone, rail, materials, and people to the worksite.

The engine continues its work at the Museum even with the arrival of number 52, operating on track that would not be safe with heavier equipment (such as construction areas), as well as shuttling work crews back and forth.

The locomotive was reclassified to a track car in 2010 with the adoption of a new rulebook.

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