What Can I Do to Help Out?

Any donations are appreciated, whether they be of time, money, or materials.  If you are looking to give for specific need or project, please contact the Museum (see our Contact Us page, left) for further information or ideas.

    Here’s a partial list of needed help:
  • Become a Member – We are owned and operated by our membership.  We currently have about a thousand members world-wide.  Please see details about becoming a member.
  • Volunteers – Actually work on a railroad.  From track crew to groundskeepers to gift shop to tour guides, we need your help.  If you’re interested, just show up on an operating day, or a volunteer work day (see the calendar) and we’ll find something for you to do.  Please see the Volunteer page for more information.
  • Rail – We are always looking for a source of 60 pound rail, the size we prefer working with.  A used, relay-quality rail costs around $350.00.
  • Ties – Can’t have rail without ties.  Minimum size is 5′ long, in good shape.  New ties are around $50; used are around $20.
  • Memorabilia – If you have any 2-foot or WW&F history you wish to share, come on down!
  • Mortgage – The Museum has a fairly substantial mortgage, of over $200,000.  If you can help the Museum pay this down, either through low-interest loans or donations, we would love to hear from you.
  • Right of Way – Do you own any of the original WW&F’s railroad right-of-way, and would like us to have it?  Come talk to us!
  • Endowment – Please think of us during your estate planning.  Our endowment is professionally invested through the Maine Community Foundation.

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